How can I share a judgment with CLC?

Anyone can share a judgment delivered by Supreme Court of Bangladesh with CLC by using the button submit judgment or sending either a soft copy (in MS Word file) or hard of that judgment at our address mentioned in contact us section. 

If you want to send us a soft copy please see the information, that we need to be provided in a judgment, by opening a judgment as ready reference (for which, you have to complete your Registration with CLC). Nevertheless, the very basic information we need are-

(a) Name of the Division of the Court (Appellate Division or High Court Division)

(b) Jurisdiction of the Court

(c) Name of the honourable judges present in the case

(d) Name of the parties

(e) Date of Pronouncement of Judgment

(f) Cases Referred in the Judgment

(g) Lawyers Involved

(h) Reference of Case (case number, docket number etc.)

(i) Full Text of the Judgment  

Please also include your detail contact address at the end of the submitted copy.

Note: A photostat copy or scanned copy of certified copy of the judgment should be sent at our mailing address as suggested above. And, we will publish it in CLC only if the ratio decidendi (the rationale for the decision) and/or obiter dictum (a remark in the judgment that is "said in passing") do not match with judgment(s) already published in CLC.       


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