Crime and Criminality: An Overview

Saturday, April 25, 2009, 7:10 PM

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Crime and Criminality: An Overview


-A.F.M. Maftun Ahmed.


Crime and Criminality is a part of Criminology and criminal law studies. In this Article an effort has been taken to define what crime and criminality mean from different perspectives. In doing so, this article has been divided into two basic parts i.e. Crime and Criminality. Firstly, different definitions along with examples have been used to make different dimensions of crime. Not only that a brief explanation has been given as to how the theme ‘crime’ has been being changing in people’s mind with the development of knowledge and experience. Secondly, criminality has been meant and explained as the reasons or causations of crime. Prominent theories of crime causation have been discussed with contemporary information and principles. This article has been written mainly targeting law students and for those who needs or wants to have primary knowledge about crime and criminality.