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Kazol and others Vs. State, 2011, 40 CLC (HCD)

Thana Nirbahi Officer, Pirgachha, Rangpur and others Vs. Md. Dulal Miah, 2010, 39 CLC (HCD)

Maulana Mohammad Shamsul Huq and others Vs. Abu Taher and others, 2011, 40 CLC (AD)

A. M. Anwarul Haque Vs. State, 2011, 40 CLC (HCD)

Ramisunnessa Bibi and another Vs. Soleman Molla and others, 1994, 23 CLC (HCD)

Director General, BWDB and others Vs. BJ Geo Textile Ltd and another, 2003, 32 CLC (AD)

The Constitution of Bangladesh, 1972, Article 102

Whether Writ petition challenging award of contract is maintainable?

Where there is no decision contrary to the terms of the tender or no lack of transparency in the process of evaluation by Tender Committee nor any malafide in awarding contract writ petition is not maintainable..............(50)  

Dr. Alauddin Ahmed Vs. Md. Idris Ali Bhuiyan and others, 2004, 33 CLC (AD)

The Representation of People’s Order, 1972 (P.O. 155 of 1972), Article 31

The Election Tribunal is competent to call for election materials to see whether provisions of Article 31 of the Order has been violated or not.

In order to maintain the sanctity of the election, the packets inside the gunny bag should be scrutinised carefully and strictly and in the fitness of things examination of the Presiding Officer or concerning polling staffs may be indispensably necessary to ascertain as to whether the packets and contents inside the packets are intact and would unerringly show that the ballot papers, the counterfoils of 'the issued ballot papers and the marked copies of the electoral rolls were not tampered with by some malicious hands, meanwhile, in order to create evidence/ground for undoing the election ………………………..(19) 

Abdul Malek Sawdagar Vs. Md. Mahbubey Alam and others, 2004, 33 CLC (AD)

The Waqf Ordinance, 1962 (I of 1962), Sections 64 and 102

The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908(V of 1908), Order VII, Rule 11

What is to be considered in rejecting a plaint?

From averment in the plaint itself ground is to be found out, whether plaint prima facie is liable to be rejected as being barred under section 50 or 102 of the Waqf Ordinance........(18) 

Shamsul Haque (Md) Vs. Amina Khatun and others, 2004, 33 CLC (AD)

The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, (V of 1908), Order XIX, Rule 1(1), (3)

When there was no issue before the trial court nor the appellate court regarding waiver, the High Court Division was not required to give any finding in this respect in the absence of any specific averment to the contrary.................(15)

The High Court Division was not justified in sending the case on remand to the trial court on the plea of waiver......................(18) 

State Vs. Md. Amir Hamza, 2004, 33 CLC (AD)

The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (V of 1898), Section 494

To give consent or not for withdrawal of an accused from prosecution is a discretion of the Court. Exercise of such discretion cannot ordinarily be questioned. Of course, the discretion must be shown to have been exercised judicially.

So judgement and order of the trial court refusing the prayer for withdrawal from the prosecution and affirming the same judgement and order by the High Court Division on appeal has been confirmed. 

A & E Products Group LP and others Vs. Md. Mohiuddin Ahmed and others, 2003, 32 CLC (AD)

The Trade Marks Act, 1940 (V of 1940), Section 20 (2)

Had the petitioner’s product been registered possibly a complaint could be made under the Trade Marks Act to protect the trade mark of the petitioner but that not having been registered petitioner has no legal right to protect the trade mark sought for by way of an order of injunction in the court of law. ......................(7) 

Ananda Builders Ltd. Vs. Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority and others, 2004, 33 CLC (AD)

The Constitution of Bangladesh, 1972, Article 102

When the contract is entered into by a public authority in exercise of its statutory power in terms of statutory provisions any breach thereof may entitle the aggrieved party to invoke the writ…….(20)

A contract does not become a statutory contract simply because a public functionary entered into the contract unless a statute stipulates terms which have been incorporated in the contract….(19) 

Shafiqul Islam Vs. Government of Bangladesh and another, 2003, 32 CLC (AD)

The Bangladesh Service Rules, Rule 72(a)

There was no trial of the petitioner for allegation of the offence under section 161 of the Penal Code, 1860 read with section 5 (2) of the Act XI of 1947. The trial was stopped under section 339 (c) (4) of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the petitioner was released as the trial could not be concluded within specified time. So, he is not entitled to all arrear benefits. 

Nasima Akhter Vs. Md. Siraj Miah and other, 2003, 32 CLC (AD)

AHM Mustain Billah & others Vs. Bangladesh, 2004, 33 CLC (AD)

Oriental Bank Ltd. Vs. Rina Alam and another, 2004, 33 CLC (AD)

Habibullah (Md) Vs. Sher Ali Khan and others, 2005, 34 CLC (AD)

AKM Shafiuddin Vs. Bangladesh and others, 2012, 41 CLC (HCD)

Anowar Steel Mills Ltd. Vs. Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Internal Resou­rces Division, Government of Bangladesh and others, 2003, 32 CLC (AD)

Mustaque Hossain (Md). Vs. Md. Shajahan Miah and another, 2005, 34 CLC (AD)