Property Law

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TitleLaws Referred
Saifuddin Ahmed Siddiqui Vs. The Deputy Custodian, Enemy Property Manage¬ment Board, 1978, 7 CLC (HCD)Order 1, rule, 10, the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
Abdur Rashid Vs. Momtaz Ali Karikar and others, 1992, 21 CLC (AD)
Aftabuddin Ahmed Vs. Government of Bangladesh, represented by the Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Special, Property Cell and others, 1992, 21 CLC (HCD)s.4, the Enemy Property (Lands and Buildings) Administration and Disposal Order, 1966
Alhaj Mohammad Rahim¬uddin Bharsha Vs. Bangladesh represented by the Secretary to the Ministry of Works and another, 1994, 23 CLC (HCD)s.5(1)(b), the Abandoned Buildings (Supplementary Provision) Ordinance, 1985 (Ordinance No.LIV of 1985);Articles 42, 102, 102(1) & 102(2)(a)(ii), the Constitution of Bangladesh
Asek Elahi Vs. Jalal Ahmedand others, 2012, 41 CLC (AD) ss.95 and 95A, the State Acquisition & Tenancy Act, 1951; s.58(c), the Transfer of Property Act , 1882
ASM Anayetullah & others Vs. Bangladesh, represented by the Secretary, Ministry of Land and Land Administration & ors, 2005, 34 CLC (HCD)ss.5(7), 5(1a), 5(3), the Emergency Requisition of Property Act, 1948
Borun Khatun and others Vs. Md. Hebaj Uddin Pramanik and another, 2014, 43 DLR (HCD)s.107, Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
Madaris Ali and others Vs. Biswamber Das being dead his heirs, 1993, 22 CLC (HCD)s.42, the Specific Relief Act, 1877
Nazrul Islam (Md.) & others Vs. Mahfuzur Rahman and others, 2013, 42 CLC (HCD)s.115 (1), the Code of Civil Procedure Code, 2013
Tahurul Karim @ Tahurul Karim Khan Chowdhury Vs. Abdul Hashim and others, 1977, 6 CLC (HCD) s.24, the Non-agricultural Tenancy Act, 1949; ss. 89, 91(1), 96, 96(1), 96(3)(b), 96(4), the State Acquisition And Tenancy Act, 1950