Labour and Industrial Law

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TitleLaws Referred
Ekramul Hossain (Md.) and others Vs. Chairman, First Labour Court, Dhaka and others, 2013, 42 CLC (HCD)ss.202 (21), & 317(4) the Bangladesh Labour Law Act, 2006
Project in charge, Paruma (Eastern) Ltd Vs. Mr. Aminur Rahman Khan and another, 1978, 7 CLC (HCD) Industrial Relations Rules, 1977; ss.35 & 35 (7), the Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969; Article 102, the Constitution of Bangladesh, 1972
R.R. Textile Mills Ltd. & others Vs. Din Mohammad & others, 1978, 7 CLC (HCD)Article, 3, the State-owned Manufacturing Industries Workers (Terms and Conditions of Service) Ordinance, 1973, (Ordinance No.23 of 1973); Article 102, the Constitution of Bangladesh, 1972
Abdul Hamid Khan, GM, Daily Banglar Bani (Modhumoti Mudranalya) Vs. Md. Abul Kashem (Ex Senior Retoucher of Banglar Bani), 2000, 29 CLC (HCD)s. 26, the Employment of Labour (Standing Orders) Act, 1965, s. 55, the Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969.
Abdul Haque Sikder Vs. Divisional Manager (Fertilizer) Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) and others, 1996, 25 CLC (HCD)Regulation 21, The BADC (Service) Regulation, 1968
Abdul Mannan Taluk­der Vs. BD House Buil­ding Finance Corpora­tion and another, 1989, 18 CLC (AD)ss. 34, 47B, 62 & 64, the Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969, ss. 2 (aa) &4, the Administrative Tribunal Act, 1980
Abdur Rahim (Md.) Vs. Bangladesh Sarak Paribahan Corporation, represented by its Chairman, 1998, 27 CLC (HCD)ss. 24, 25(b), the Employment of Labour Standing Order Act, 1965 [Now stands repealed]
Abdus Sattar Vs. Chairman, Labour Court, Chittagong and another, 1996, 25 CLC (HCD)ss. 15, 18 (6), the Employment of Labour (Standing Orders) Act, 1965 [Now stands repealed]
Abu Hossain and others Vs. Registrar of Trade Union and others, 1992, 21 CLC (HCD)s. 23A, the Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board Ordinance, 197, s. 2(d), the Shops and Establish­ments Act, 1965, Arts. 38, 39, the Constitution of Bangladesh, 1972
Abul Khair and others. Vs. Chairman, Chittagong Dock Sramik Parichalana Board and Chairman, Chittagong Port Authority, Chittagong and others, 2009, 38 CLC (AD)The Dock Workers (Regulation of Employment) Act, 1980