Admiralty Law or Maritime Law

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TitleLaws Referred
Khan Sons (a private Ltd. Company) Vs. Motor Vessel YIH SHEN and others, 1983, 12 CLC (HCD)s.5, the Limitation Act, 1908; Order XLVII rr. 1 & 4, Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
Abu Bakr Siddique Vs. M.V. Aghia Thalassini and others, 1977, 6 CLC (HCD)s.34, The Arbitration Act, (X of 1940) 1940
Al-Sayar Navigation Co. Vs. Delta International Traders Ltd. and ors., 1982, 11 CLC (AD)s. 6, the Admiralty Court Act, 1861
Albert David (Bangladesh) Limited Vs. Messrs. Nedlloyd Lunen B.V., Rotterdam owners of Nedlloyd Lines Bremen, 1982, 11 CLC (HCD) s. 2, the Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act, 1890; Article 102, the Constitution of Bangladesh, 1972
Albert David (Bangladesh) Ltd Vs. M/S Brestern Shipping Company Ltd. & others, 1982, 11 CLC (HCD)s.6, the Admiralty Court Act, 1891; Art.III , the schedule to Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1925
Albert David (Bangladesh) Ltd. Vs. M/S Brostern Shipping Company Ltd. & Others, 1982, 11 CLC (HCD)Article III, the schedule to Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1925; s.6, the Admiralty Courts Act, 1861;Companies Act, 1913; s.55(1), the Customs Act, 1969;s.64, the Customs Act,1878; Article 3, the Customs Act, 1925
Amir Hossain Vs. M.V. TITU-5 and others, 2010, 39 CLC (HCD)
Amora Holding Inc. Vs. Bangladesh, 1998, 27 CLC (HCD)
Bangla Jalpari Lines (Pvt) Ltd. Vs. Continental Grain Company (Canada) Ltd. and others, 1990, 19 CLC (HCD)Order 38, rule 5, the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
Bangladesh and ors Vs. Somboon Asavaham, 1980, 9 CLC (AD)