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Jagir, JaghirAn assignment of the Government revenue on a tract of land to families, individuals, or public officers....265
JagirdarOne who holds a jagir. The holder of any assignment of revenue. [Wilson’s glossary]312
JagirdariThe possession of rights of the holder of a jagir. [Wilson’s glossary]201
JahannamThe Mohammadan hell, consisting of seven divisions allotted respectively to wicked Mohammadans, Christians,...242
JaidadAssets, funds, resources, property, estate. Jaidad usually means immovable property, and when it is used...299
Jail HajatSee Hajat.245
JalmahalClosed fishery.193
Jamatotal, aggregate, deposit, debit or receipt side of an account. Rent or revenue payable by a zaminder...247
Jama KharachReceipts and disbursement; debits and credits of an account.[Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]249
Jama-bandiSettlement of the amount of revenue assessed upon an estate, a village, or district; a village or district...275