Glossary - R

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RafaSettlement or adjustment of a difference or dispute. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]304
RafanamaA deed of relinquishment. [Macnaughten’s Mohammadan Law]270
RahimMerciful; an attribute of God in the Bismillah, and thence used by the Sikhs as the name of the Musalman...289
RahnMortgage, pledge, pawn. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]240
Rai or RayJudgment or verdict of a Court of Law.   During the time of the mohammadan government it was title given...283
Rai-bandiA statement or table of rates, a document showing the rates at which different descriptions of land or...301
RaiyatA subject; a tenant, a cultivating tenant, a farmer, a cultivator. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]...2431
RaiyatiA lease given to a peasant cultivator. [Wilson’s Glossary]272
RaiyatwarAccording to or with Raiyats, familiarly applied to the revenue settlement which was made by Government...297
Raiyatwar-jama-bandiStatement of the revenue settlement made with each cultivator. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]280