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SabhaAn assembly, an assemblage of persons of rank or respectability, or the place in which they assemble,...286
SadaqahA gift by a Mahomedan made with the object of acquiring religious merit. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial...291
SadarA town.   Chief, supreme, highest. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]   Principal, chief; eminence,...265
Sadar-AdalatChief Court or High Court; sometimes means District Court. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]269
Sadharan, SadharanaThat which is common, as a common property, a specific or genuine charter, possessions in common; the...280
SadiMarriage; marriage ceremony. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]255
SadrThe sum total of revenue payable to the government direct exclusive of charges of collection. [Wilson’s...266
Sadr nizamat adalatThe chief Criminal Court under the East India Company.622
Sadr-adalatThe Supreme Court, the name of the highest court established under the East India Company in each Presidency....305
Sadr-aminA chief commissioner or arbitrator, a native civil judge. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]354