Glossary - G

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GaddiA pillow; but used as throne. The seat of sovereignty or chief ship; the state cushion or throne spoken...271
GadiA cushion to sit upon, the ordinary Indian seat; but especially a king’s cushion, a throne. [P Ramanatha...248
GamchaA long cloth.211
Ganji or GenjiT-shirt.231
Ghair Hazir or Gor HazirAbsent, not in attendance. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]215
Ghair-hajiriAbsence being away especially when called for, as in Court. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]261
Ghair-JamaNot paying revenue, rent-free. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]196
Ghair-maurusiNot holding by hereditary descent; a tenant or farmer; not inherited; acquired. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s...255