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Paisa, PaissaA copper coin, which under the native government, varied considerably in weight and value; in common...315
PalaTurn of worship of a duty. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]273
Palli, PolliA small town or village. [Wilson’s Glossary]232
PanchaFive, the number five; it is also used as abbreviation for panchayat. [Wilson’s Glossary]262
Panchait, panchayatA village council.243
PanchaitiA court of arbitration; the award of such a court. [Wilson’s Glossary]275
PanchaitnamaThe written award of a court of arbitration. [Wilson’s Glossary]242
PandaPriest of a temple; one who helps others in entering a temple and worship the deity. [Mitra’s Legal...255
PandhriA tax on agriculture formerly levied in villages. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]265