Glossary - L

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La-auladIt means issueless or without any sons or daughters. [AIR 1929 All 963]282
LaanDivorce upon accusation of adultery by the husband, to be confirmed by him by his imprecating upon her...267
LaganA yearly fee, a cash-rent. [Baden Powell’s Land System in British India] Lagan also denotes floatable...292
LakhLac or Lak, laksha. One hundred thousand; one hundred lakhs make a kror, i.e.10 million.274
Lakhiraj-darA holder of rent free lands. [Wilson’s Glossary]260
Lakhiraj-zaminAlienated or revenue exempted land. [Wilson’s Glossary]279
LakshmiThe wife of Vishnu, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. [Wilson’s Glossary]272
LangarAn almshouse. [Wilson’s Glossary]256
Lash, Laash, LushDead body.313