Glossary - M

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MadiA rice- field, a garden bed. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]225
MadrasaA College, an academy. [Wilson’s Glossary]   A place for reading, a school. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s...265
MafiRemitted, free, applied to lands exempt from the payment of revenue. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]263
MaghA Bengali Calendar month.223
Maghrib namazThe fourth prayer of Musalman day.233
MahajanA great man; a merchant; a banker; a moneylender; a creditor. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]251
MahalA house; an estate; a tract of land. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial Dictionary]226
MahaldarAn officer in charge of the revenue and police of a district. [Wilson’s Glossary]252
MahallaA division of a town, a quarter, a ward. [Wilson’s Glossary]216
MaharaniA queen either in her own right or as wife of a Raja. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]236