Glossary - F

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FakirThe word fakir means a religious man who devotes his life to meditation and spiritual exercises. A poor...258
FaraizThe legal knowledge of dividing inheritance according to the Muhammadan law. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial...299
FaraziThe name of a sect of Muhammadan reformers.236
Fard LakhirajStatement or revenue free-holdings. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]215
FasidInvalid, Irregular. A muslim marriage contracted without witness is fasid, that is, irregular, but not...268
FaslA division of the year, a season; a harvest, a crop. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]257
FasliRelating to a harvest. The Muhammadan official era. An agricultural lease containing the term ‘fasli’...290
FatawaA collection or digest of judicial of judicial decisions. The best known is the fatawa Alamgiri, complied...277
Fatawa-i-Alamgiri“The Fatwa-i-Alamgiri is a work of great authority in Mahomedan law, and was commenced in the year...341
Fatawa-i-Serajiah“The highest authority on the law of inheritance amongst the Sunnis of India is the Sirajiyah, which...271