Glossary - D

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DabbiA small box, a cash box; the treasury of a temple. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]383
DafadarThe head of a number of a persons, whether soldiers, police, peons, or labourers. In the native cavalry,...390
DaftarA record, a register, the whole body of papers pertaining to an office; the record of a case. [P Ramanatha...376
Daftarkhanah or Daftar KhanahA house or room in which records are kept; an office. [P Ramanatha Aiyer’s The Law Lexicon]375
DagA lot or portion of an estate which has been measured, and of which the measurement is recorded in the...339
DajjalThe Shiah anti-christ; a power that is to appear and work for evil for forty years till the re-appearance...355
Dakhal or Quabzathe words ‘dakhal’ or 'quabza’ cannot refer to cultivator possession as tenant; the words in a...404
DakhalnamaA deed of possession or occupancy; a document giving right of occupancy. [ITR 5 Cal 644 at 647]389
DakhilEntrance, taking possession, entry of an item, in a deed or register, a receipt for money, annexation...337
Dakhil daftarEntered upon record, which is equivalent to being laid on the table, or postponed indefinitely; struck...1345