Glossary - I

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IddatIddat is the period during which it is obligatory for a Mohammadan Woman, whose marriage has been dissolved...270
IdgahA platform, sometimes screened or enclosed by a brick wall, where Mahomedans assemble for occasional...258
IhsanIn Mohammadan law, a person who is a free sane adult of chaste reputation, and of Mohammadan faith, and...268
Ijahara deposition in court; an affidavit; a statement or information to the police. [Mitra’s Legal & Commercial...259
IjaraA lease or farm of land revenue other proprietary right as distinguished from patta or lease of land...255
Ijara-namaA lease, any document under which a lease or farm is held. [Wilson’s glossary]266
IjaradarIjaradar is a tenure-holder within the meaning of the expression ‘tenure-holder’ used in the East...308
IjaradariFarming, contracting for rent or revenue; an abwab or cess formerly levied on lands or districts let...334
Ijardari-pattaA lease, for a form, giving authority to the holder to occupy and cultivate, or receive the rents of...289
Ijazat-namaAny written order or permission; also commonly applied in Mohammadan diction to the anumati-patra of...329