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TitleAdmiralty Court

It is the court which exercises jurisdiction over maritime causes by a process peculiar to itself. Under Section 3 of the Admiralty Court Act, 2000, the High Court Division shall have the admiralty jurisdiction. Under the Act of 1891 the High Court division of this Court was declared as the Court of Admiralty. The court exercises the same jurisdiction as the High Court of England exercised in 1890 under the Admiralty Court Act of 1861. 

( Albert David (Bangladesh) Ltd. Vs. Messrs. Nedlloyd Lijnen B. V. (1982) 34 DLR 356 ) 

The Admiralty Court had jurisdiction to hear and determine marine accident for damages over Inland Water Ways in the province which is similar to that of the Court of Admiralty in England.

( Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation. Vs. Al-Falah Shipping Lines Ltd. and others, 17 BLD (AD) 136 )

See, the Admiralty Court Act, 2000 (Act XLVIII of 2000); the Courts of Admiralty Act, 1891 (Act No. XVI of 1891) (Repealed) 

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