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Hackney-Carriage"Hackney-carriage" means any wheeled vehicle, drawn by horses and used for the conveyance of passengers,...375
Half day“half day” means a period of five consecutive hours between the beginning and closing hours of an...362
Hanafi Mussalman"Hanafi Mussalman" means follower of the Mussalman faith who conforms to the tenets and doctrines of...379
HarbourExcept in section 157, and in section 130 in the case in which the harbour is given by the wife or husband...367
Harm"harm" includes social ostracism or excommunication or expulsion from any caste or community. [See, explanation...356
Hat or Bazar"hat" or "bazar" means any place where persons assemble daily or on particular days in a week primarily...375
HeirIn the case of a will made or an intestacy occurring on or after the first day of January 1866,"Heir"...349
High Court"High Court" shall, as respect any period before the 16th day of December, 1972, mean the High Court...371
High Court Division"High Court Division" shall mean the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh constituted...355
History Ticket"history-ticket" means the ticket exhibiting such information as is required in respect of each prisoner...368