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Fabricating False EvidenceOne person is guilty of fabricating false evidence when he/she makes a false entry in a document intending...866
FactAn event or state of affairs known to have happened or existed. A circumstances or incident relating...808
Fact in issueThose facts which must be proved by the party making an allegation in order to succeed and the facts...767
Family CourtThe family court means a Court having the jurisdiction to hear matters in relation to Family Law disputes....994
FatwaA judicial decree, sentence, order or judgment: particularly when delivered by a Mufti or doctor of Muhammadan...761
FiduciaryAs a noun, a person, such as a trustee, who holds a position of trust or confidence with respect to someone...796
Final ReportA police report in which no accused is recommended to be prosecuted is ordinarily known as final report....724
First Information ReportA written document prepared by the police hen they receive information about the commission of a cognizable...741
ForgeryThe false making of any written instrument, for the purpose of fraud or deceit. Whoever makes any false...779
Framing of issuesTo draft or draw up the point or points in question arising out of pleadings containing statements of...766