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Kabala Kabala means an agreement, a contract. In other words, it is a deed of conveyance or transfer of any...641
KabinnamaKabinnama is a marriage settlement; a deed of dower in a Mohammadan marriage. If the marriage is otherwise...950
KabuliatKabuliat is a written agreement especially one signifying assent, as the counterpart of a revenue lease...794
Kazi Kazi originally means a judge—civil, criminal and ecclesiastical - among Mohammedans. Now the term...627
Khairul BaloughKhairul Balough is an Arabic term, means option of puberty in Islamic Jurisprudence. It is a right given...615
Khas LandKhas land means government owned fallow land, where nobody has property rights. It is land which is deemed...2042
KhatianKhatian is the individual land record certificate, indicates genuine title over the land. The term “Khatian”...9231
KhulaKhula is a form of divorce under the Mohammedans law. This separation by mutual agreement which takes...682
KidnappingKidnapping literally means child stealing. Under the Penal Code of Bangladesh, the word means carrying...614
Know – howKnow –how is the fund of technical knowledge and experience acquired by a highly specialized production...527