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Capital gainsIn computing the capital gains, the income under the head "Capital gains" shall be computed after deduction...765
Cause of ActionOrder VII, rule 11 of the Code says, inter alia, that- 'the plaint shall be rejected where it does...929
CeaseMeaning of word 'Cease' as per Black's Dictionary are (1) To stop forfeit, suspend, or bring to an end....808
Cellophane'Cellophane' is made from wood pulp, cotton seed, etc. It is a wrapping material produced from viscose...794
Certain personsThe expression ‘certain persons’ undoubtedly does not mean public servant alone and that no other...765
ChargeFormal accusation of a crime, usually made by the police after interrogation. The expression ‘charged...771
Charge-sheetA charge-sheet means a police report. A police report in which no accused is recommended to be prosecuted...562
CharterpartyA written contract by which a person (the charterer) hires from a shipowner, in return for the payment...809
CheatingOn a critical analysis of the definition of 'cheating' as given in Section 415 of the Penal Code, it...787
Cheque - Cross-cheque - Account Payee chequeCross-cheque/ Account Payee cheque is also cheque as contemplated in section 138(1) of the Negotiable...368