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WaiverWaiver means the intentional and voluntary giving up of a known right. It is the intentional and voluntary...494
Wakf An endowment. Property dedicated to religious or charitable purposes. A bequest for religious or charitable...513
WillWill means decree, ordain, volition, have in mind, determine by choice, bequeathed. Will is a legal document...454
Winding upWinding up signifies a settlement of the accounts and liquidation of the assets of a partnership or corporation,...428
Withdrawal of suitWithdrawal of suit (also known as abandonment of suit) means a retraction / secession of a previously...550
WitnessWitness simply means someone (he/she) who sees an event and reports what happened. Witness is person...507
WritWrit is a legal document issued by a court or judicial officer. It is a written court order directing...489
Writ remedy A writ remedy is an equitable one. A person approaching this court must come with a pair of clean hands....428