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RaiyatThe term raiyat originates from an Arabic word raiyat [from ra'a] meaning etymologically, 'a herd at...578
RapeRape apart from being a dehumanizing act is an unlawful intrusion on the right of privacy and sanctity...573
Reasonable groundsA court acts under section 344 of the Code of Criminal Procedure upon reasonable grounds. What constitute...459
RecordA written account of all the acts and proceedings in a lawsuit. A written memorial made by a public officer...517
Record-of-RightsEntries in record of rights maintained in official course of business are relevant piece of evidence....543
RedemptionRedemption as general term meaning to set loose or release a person from bondage Redemption is the right...513
Remedial enactmentA "remedial enactment" is one which improves and facilitates remedy al­ready existing for the enforcement...424
RentRent has been defined in Article 3(37) of the Basic Democracies Order in the follo­wing words: "3. (37)...411
Res JudicataRes judicata (derived from "res iudicata", Latin for "a thing decided"), more commonly res judicata in...519
Resident'Resident' ordinarily means inhabi­tant of a place; it may be permanent or it may be temporary. Temporary...469