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EasementA right enjoyed by the owner of land to a benefit from other land. Evidence led to establish easement...781
Ecchymosis"Bruises or contusions are injuries which are caused by a blow from a blunt weapon, such as a club (lathi),...824
Eminent domainAs soon as a piece of land is acquired in accordance with law the owner is deprived of his right. A citizen...370
EncumbrancesThe word ‘encumbrances’ according to Black’s Law Dictionary means: “Any right to or interest...348
Endorsement The act of the owner or payee signing his/her name to the back of a check, bill of exchange or other...793
EnemyThe plain meaning of the Rule 161 (b) of the De­fence of Pakistan Rules is that any person who is the...571
Equality before lawSubstantial equality of treatment; identical treatment under equal circumstances. ‘All citizens are...856
EquityA venerable group of rights and procedures to provide fairness, unhampered by the narrow structures of...743
Estate(in land law) The character and duration of a person’s ownership of land; the aggregate of all the...728
EstoppelA preclusion in law which prevents a man alleging or denying a fact in consequence of his own previous...789