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LandLand signifies the land on which real estate is located, the solid part of the earth's surface, estate,...531
LawLaw is a code that regulates the behaviour of members of a society. Law has been defined as a "system...592
LeaseA lease or tenancy simply means a contract that transfers the right to possess specific property. It...578
Legislative PowerLegislative power means a power to make laws. A legislature is a governmental deliberative body with...514
Legitimate expectationThe word "legitimate expectation" was first coined in 1969 by Lord Denning in the case of Schmidth. The...435
Letter of CreditLetter of credit is a document issued by a financial institution on behalf of a buyer stating the amount...561
LienLien is used by individuals, businesses, and lenders to secure payment for a debt. A lien can be placed...505
Lifting the veil of incorporationThe law recognizes that a company is a separate legal entity distinct from its shareholders. Therefore...1011
LimitationLimitation means the period of limitation prescribed for any suit, appeal or application. Courts of Law...555
Lis Pendens[Latin: a pending suit] Lis pendens is a Latin term, connotes a pending suit. Lis pendens is a notice...919