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NationalityNationality means Citizenship; quality of being part of a particular nation; patriotism; national ownership...525
Natural justice Natural justice connotes a set of procedures designed to ensure that decisions are made fairly. In other...671
Natural PersonNatural person means a real human being, as distinguished from a corporation, which is often treated...560
Necessary PartyA necessary party is person or entity whose interests will be affected by the outcome of a lawsuit, whose...527
Negligence Negligence connotes failure to exercise the care toward others which a reasonable or prudent person would...556
Negotiable instrumentCross-cheque/ Account Payee cheque is a negotiable instrument as defined in section 13 of the Negotiable...695
Nikah RegistrarThe Nikah Registrar is the name of an office appointed by the government,(popularly known as the Kazi)...2077
Non-agricultural landThe expression "non-agricultural land' may represent entire land comprising in a tenancy or it may form...340
Non-obstante clauseWhen the non-obstante clause refers to the provision of a statute, the intention of the legislature must...1236
NonfeasanceNonfeasance means the failure of an agent (i. e. employee) to perform a task one has agreed to do for...647