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VagrantVagrant signifies a wanderer or aimless who has no established residence or visible means of support....503
VakalatnamaVakalatnama" is a document, by which the party filing the case authorizes the Advocate to handle it....685
VestThe expression ‘vest’ means to give an immediate, fixed right of present or future enjoyment; to...318
Vested InterestVested interest is a present right or title to realty, but with possession delayed to some uncertain...405
VetoThe word veto comes from Latin and literally means I / we forbid. Veto means vote against; refuse to...454
Vicarious LiabilityVicarious responsibility means the responsibility of one person for the acts of another. Liability that...584
Void and VoidableThe absence of an essential element will render the contract either void or voidable. A contract to do...547
Volenti non fit injuriaVolenti–non–fit injuria is a popular Latin term, for "to a willing/consenting person, no injury is...514
VoteVote is a sacred trust of the nation and the correct use of ballot is a national obligation. In the Act...433