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Candidate"Candidate" means a person who has been nominated as a candidate at any election and includes a person...448
Cannon"Cannon" includes also all howitzers, mortars, wall-pieces, mitrailleuses and other ordnance and machine-guns,...499
Casual worker'Casual worker' means a worker whose employment is of a casual nature. [See, section 2 (b), the Employment...516
Cattle"Cattle" includes also elephants, camels, buffaloes, horses, mares, geldings, ponies, colts, fillies,...543
Cattle doing damage to a public plantationCattle trespassing in a reserved forest or in any portion of a protected forest which has been lawfully...515
Cellular ConfinementCellular confinement means such confinement with or without labour as entirely secludes a prisoner from...526
Central Act"Central Act" shall mean an Act of the Central Legislature and shall include, except in section 5, an...495
Central Legislature"Central Legislature" shall mean the Governor General in Council acting in a legislative capacity under...524
Certificate-debtor"Certificate-debtor" means the person named as debtor in a certificate filed under this Act, and includes...536
Certificate-holder"Certificate-holder" means the Government or person in whose favour a certificate has been filed under...533