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Any personThe words "any person" appearing in section 138 [the Negotiable Instruments Act] is nothing...364
Pardanashin WomanPardanashin woman is the women who observed rigid rules of seclusion. Various legal systems and traditions...4797
PartitionPartition simply signifies something that separates or divides into parts. Partition is a court proceeding...607
PartnershipPartnership is legal business relationship of two or more people who share responsibilities, resources,...661
Pauper SuitPauper refers to a person without any property/ a poor fellow, within the prescribed standard of the...2078
PlaintPlaint is a written statement of the grounds of complaint made to court law asking for the grievance...595
PleadingPleading is a statement in legal and logical form stating something on behalf of a party to a legal proceeding....589
PolicyPolicy guideline, recommendations, etc. not being law cannot be enforced through Court and no direction...449
PollThe word ''poll" means giving and receiving votes. The question of holding poll arises under Rule 22...434
PossessionThe concept of possession under the Penal Law or any other law is not necessarily the same as the concept...858