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Habeas CorpusThe term literally means “have the body”. It is addressed to one who detains or imprisons another...1547
HatA market, a movable market, one held only on certain days in a week, a fair. “hat” or “bazar”...862
Hearsay EvidenceEvidence of the oral statement of a person other than the witness who is testifying and statements in...865
HeirA person who inherits or may by law inherit; one who takes by descent. “Heir” shall mean any person...855
Hiba-bil-iwazA gift for a consideration. Hiba-bil-iwaz is a gift for which a return or consideration is exchanged,...1131
High Court DivisionOne of the Divisions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. According to Art. 101 of the Constitution the...830
Holder in due courseOne who holds a negotibale instrument free from any defect of the title of prior parties. “Holder in...990
HoldingHolding means the act of retaining something or something owned. “Holding” means a parcel or parcels...833
Hostile WitnessA hostile witness is defined as one who by the manner in which he gives his evidence shows that he is...821