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Label"label" means any written, marked, stamped, printed or graphic matter affixed to, or appearing upon,...373
Labour Court"Labour Court" means a Labour Court established under section 35. [See, section 2(xv), the Industrial...356
Land“land" means land which is cultivated, uncultivated or covered with water at any time of the year,...407
Land Customs-Station"land customs-station" means any place including an inland river port declared under section 9 to be...374
Land or WaterFor the purposes of this section the expression "land or water" includes buildings, markets, fisheries,...653
Land Taxes"land taxes" means— (i) the development and relief tax payable under the Finance (Third) Ordinance,...666
Landlord"Landlord" means a person immediately under whom a tenant holds, and includes the Government. [See, section...694
Law"law" means any Act, ordinance, order, rule, regulation, bye-law, notification or other legal instrument,...675
Law Enforcing Agency"Law enforcing agency" means any Police Force, Ansar Force (Ansar Bahini) ,Ballalion-Ansar, Bangladesh...696
Law Officer"Law Officer" means the Attorney-General for Bangladesh, the Additional Attorney-General for Bangladesh,...687