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Jalkar RightThe term Jalkar is ambiguous, not explicit. It may mean a grant of a right of fishery or it may mean...2113
Joint ownersThe expression ‘joint owners’ according to the said dictionary means: “Two or more persons who...354
JudgeA judge is a public officer, who by virtue of his office is clothed with judicial authority. The term...839
JudgmentJudgment means the statement given by the judge of the grounds of a decree or order. The essential element...790
Judicial activismJudicial activism gives the idea of dynamic, magnetic and effective role of judicial organ to ensure...839
Judicial decision - JudgmentA Judicial decision is only an authority for what it actually decides. It cannot be quoted for a proposition...845
Judicial proceedingIn order to be judicial, a proceeding must relate in some way to the administration of justice or the...871
Judicial reviewJudicial review is the power of a court to review a statute, or an official action or inaction, for constitutionality....1065
JurisdictionThe word jurisdiction is an expression which is used in a variety of senses and takes its co lour from...827
JurisprudenceThe science or philosophy of law. “Recorded thinking about the source, nature, end and efficiency of...967