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TaxTax is a charge levied upon persons or things by a government. A ‘tax’ is a compulsory exaction of...482
Temporary InjunctionTemporary injunction is a court order prohibiting an action by a party to a lawsuit until there has been...458
TenantTenant signifies someone who pays rent to use land or a building or a car that is owned by someone else....415
Tenant-at-willA Tenant - at - Will is one who occupies rented premises without a lease but pays rent periodically....421
TortThe term derived from the Latin word tortious which means wrong. A body of the law which permits an injured...393
Trade mark Trade mark means any sign, symbol, feature or get-up that is capable of distinguishing one trader's product,...371
TrialTrial is a legal proceedings consisting of the judicial examination of issues by a competent tribunal....383
TrustA trust is a relationship in which a person or entity (the trustee) has legal control over certain property...397