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GarnisheeA term used in English law. It is the procedure whereby a judgment-creditor can obtain an order from...748
GazetteIt is a publication of an official character which contain government notifications, lists of public...714
GenderThe word gender generally describes the state of being male, female, or sometimes neuter. In all Central...715
General ExceptionExceptions which are common to all the penal clauses of the Penal Code, or to a great variety of clauses...712
GenocideThe systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group. Raphael...734
GheraoA physical blockade of a target, either by encirclement or forcible occupation. Gherao may mean one of...724
GiftIn Mulla's Principles of Mohammadan Law in section 138 "gift" has been defined as followed: "A Hiba...825
Good faithHonesty; absence of fraud, collusion or deceit. A thing shall be deemed to be done in “good faith”...716
GoodwillThe advantage arising from the reputation and trade connections of a business, in particular the likelihood...753
Government servant'Government servant' in the the Government Servants (Dis­cipline and Appeal) Rules 1976 has...309