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DamagesCompensation for legal injury. As a general rule the theory upon which the law allows damages for the...856
De factoOf fact; founded in fact; in deed, in point of fact; actually, really. Existing as a matter of fact rather...900
Declaratory SuitA suit in which the plaintiff requires the court to declare some right as existing in his favour. Under...1794
DecreeA court order. The definition of the ‘decree’ means that where the proceeding of the court finally...861
DefamationAn intentional false communication either published or publicly spoken, that injures another’s reputation...809
Defaulting borrowerA share holder of a private limited company if stands personally a guarantor for the loan disbursed to...430
Delegated LegislationLegislation made by a person or body other than the Sovereign in Parliament, by virtue of powers conferred...849
Derivative actionDerivative action is really one on behalf of the Company to enforce rights derived from it but may be...854
DetentionThe action of detaining; the keeping in confinement or custody; a keeping from going on or proceeding....827
Dilphane'Dilphane' is nothing but 'Cellophane' which is the common name for the soft packing material produced...816