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IllegalThe word "illegal" is applicable to everything which is an offence or which is prohibited by law, or...370
Illegal Lock-out"illegal lock-out" means a lock-out declared, commenced or continued otherwise than in accordance with...386
Illegal PracticeA person is guilty of illegal practice punishable with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend...366
Illicit IntercourseFor the purposes of this section "illicit intercourse" means sexual intercourse between persons not united...395
Immoveable Property"immoveable property" shall include land, benefits to arise out of land, and things attached to the earth,...364
Implied AuthorityAn authority is said to be implied when it is to be inferred from the circumstances of the case; and...390
Impressed Stamp"impressed stamp" includes— (a) labels affixed and impressed by the proper officer, arid (b) Stamps...389
Imprisonment"imprisonment" shall mean imprisonment of either description as defined in the Penal Code. [See, section...346
Imprisonment for LifeIn the punishment of imprisonment for life, the imprisonment shall be rigorous. [See, explanation to...661
Improvement"Improvement" means any work which adds to the letting value of land, and includes the following, namely:—...371