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Uberrimae fidei Uberrima fides is a Latin term. The terms uberrima fides and uberrimae fidei, although grammatically...519
Ultra viresUltra vires is a Latin term that literally means "beyond the power." It is something beyond the legal...493
Undue InfluenceUndue influence means some unfair and improper conduct, some coercion from outside, some overreaching,...583
Unlawful AssemblyThe term Unlawful assembly means a group of people ( the number varies from country to country)with the...526
Unliquidated DamagesUnliquidated damages means the damages that are sufficiently uncertain. They are not mathematically calculable...489
Unpaid SellerThe seller of goods is deemed to be an "unpaid seller" within the meaning of this Act— (a) when the...516
Usufructuary MortgageUsufractuary mortgage is a special type of mortgage where the mortgagor delivers possession, either expressly...5333