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Qualified AcceptanceAn acceptance of an offer subject to a condition or conditions which must be met. Since new conditions...531
Quantum MeruitQuantum meruit is a Latin term meaning "as much as he has deserved". In the law of contracts, a doctrine...532
QuashingQuashing to annul or set aside. In law, a motion to quash asks the judge for an order setting aside or...543
Quasi Contract A quasi contract created by law for reasons of justice without any expression of assent. A quasi-contract...531
Quasi JudicialQuasi-judicial is the forum which is not a constituted legal authority but performs activities analogue...514
Question of FactA question about the truth or falsity of an assertion. A question of fact is a factual dispute between...511
Quo-WarrantoQuo Warranto is a legal procedure that challenges the validy of a title, holding, office or other authority....758
QuorumA quorum connotes the minimum number of members of a deliberative body necessary to conduct the business...558