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Fabricating False Evidence:Whoever causes any circumstance to exist or makes any false entry in any book or record, or makes any...390
Fact in Issue:The expression "facts in issue" means and includes— any fact from which, either by itself or in connection...403
Fact:"Fact" means and includes— (1) anything, state of things, or relation of things capable of perceived...385
Factory:'factory’ means any premises including the precincts thereof whereon ten or more workers are working...411
False Statement in connection with an election:Whoever with intent to affect the result of an election makes or publishes any statement purporting to...415
False Trade Description:"false trade description" means a trade description which is untrue in a material respect as regards...440
Foreign InstrumentAny such instrument not so drawn, made or made payable shall be deemed to be a foreign instrument. [See,...449