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EasementAn easement is a right which the owner or occupier of certain land possesses, as such, for the beneficial...400
Easement, CustomaryAn easement may be acquired in virtue of a local custom. Such easements are called customary easements....430
East Bengal Act"East Bengal Act" shall mean an Act made by the Provincial Legislature of East Bengal under the Government...398
East Pakistan Act"East Pakistan Act" shall mean an Act made by the Provincial Legislature of East Pakistan. [See section...396
Eastern Bengal and Assam Act"Eastern Bengal and Assam Act" shall mean an Act made by the Lieutenant-Governor of Eastern Bengal and...393
ElectionThe word "election" denotes an election for the purpose of selecting members of any legislative, municipal...378
Election Agent"election agent" means an election agent appointed by a candidate under Article 21 and, where no such...395
Election Expense"election expense" means any expenditure incurred or payment made, whether by way of gift, loan, advance,...397
Elector"Elector" in relation to a constituency, means a person who is enrolled on the electoral roll in that...384
Electoral Right"electoral right" means the right of a person to stand, or not to stand as, or to withdraw front being,...389