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Khatian is the individual land record certificate, indicates genuine title over the land. The term “Khatian” is commonly used to mean “record-of-rights”. Every entry of the Khatian shows its own khatian number, plot numbers, bata plot numbers, area, mouza, names and shares of the possessors, descriptions of their rights and superior interests etc.

Different Khatians had been prepared during different surveys. Such as, C.S. Khatian prepared during Cadastral survey (1892-1898) under the Bengal Tenancy Act, 1885; S.A. Khatian prepared during the State Acquisition Survey under the State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950; R.S. Khatian prepared during the Revisional Survey (1925-1930); B.S. Khatian prepared during the Bangladesh Survey.
Created OnApril 23, 2011, 10:10 AM