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The expression 'excisable article' before the amendment of 1937was defined to mean 'any liquor or intoxicating drugs'. The definition of 'intoxicant’ introduced in 1937 repeats the identical words. The result is not so much of redefinition as of reclassification of the definition clause. 'Excisable article' before the amend¬ment of 1937, is now reclassified as 'intoxicant.' The change, if at all, is one of terminology. It is not disputed that the earlier Rules framed in 1936 is applicable to the respondents. By mere reclassification, we fail to see, how the Government can lose its rule-making power or the 1936 Rule ceases to be operative. [29 DLR (SC) 128]
Created OnJanuary 20, 2013, 7:06 PM