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We cannot give any other meaning to the word 'absence' than the one referred to in section 15 [The Local Government (Union Parishads) Ordinance, 1983]. To 'abscond' in its dictionary meaning means departing secretly, fleeing from the law. To equate abscondence with absence is to do violence to the word "absence" which in its dictionary meaning means being away from a place or person. Fleeing from the law and being away are not the same thing. Nor can we bring abscondence within "any other cause". The words "any other cause" have to be read ejusdem generis with the words "absence, illness". It must be a cause of a like nature.

( Bangladesh Vs. Md. Lokman Patwari and another, 1994, 23 CLC (AD) [1157] )

See also abscondence, abscond.  

Created OnApril 13, 2013, 12:55 PM