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Meaning of word 'Cease' as per Black's Dictionary are (1) To stop forfeit, suspend, or bring to an end. (2) To become extinct; (3) To pass away. In Murray's New English Dictionary the expression 'Cease' has been defined to mean- "To come to an end, become extinct, pass away." In Venkatramaiya's Law Lexicon the word 'cease' means-to put an end, To put a stop to, To come to an end, to stop doing. In the dictionary of Bangla Academy meaning of word 'Cease' has been given as: ক্ষান্ত হওয়া বা বিরত হওয়া, থামা।. আইন শব্দকোষ which has been edited by Justice Mohammad Habibur Rahman former Chief of Bangladesh and Professor Dr. Anisuzzaman the word 'Cease/Cessation' has been defined as বিরতি, নিবৃত্তি, ক্ষান্তি, সমাপ্তি, শেষ হওয়া, পরিত্যাগ করা, বন্ধ করা। As per Oxford Dictionary the word 'Cease' means-stop, bring or come to an end. In Samsad English to Bangla Dictionary the word 'Cease' means- To give over or desist from- বিরত বা নিবৃত্ত হওয়া, ক্ষান্ত হওয়া; to stop- থামা; to end শেষ বা সমাপ্ত হওয়া; Act of ceasing- নিবৃত্তি, ক্ষান্তি; end- সমাপ্তি। In Walsh Vs. Secretary of India 10 HL Ca 396 Lord Chemsford expressed the word 'Cease' means 'discontinue or put to an end to'. There is no scope for importing any notion of suspension into that expression. (17 BLC (HCD) (2012) 689) 

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