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'Dilphane' is nothing but 'Cellophane' which is the common name for the soft packing material produced from viscose obtained from wood pulp or from any other pulp and as such 'Cel­lophane' has been termed to be the generic name for this product. Any country or any com­pany may give a trade name to its ‘Cellophane product to distinguish it from the products of any other country or any other company. This is clearly established from the fact that in Japan the transparent cellophane paper used for pack­ing has been given the trade name of 'Snow' whereas in China the trade name for the same product has been given to be 'Pearl'. (Karnaphuli Rayon and Chemical Ltd. Vs. Collector of Central Excise & Land Customs, East Zone, Chitttagong & another, 1975, 4 CLC (AD) [951]) 

See Cellophane from CLC's Judicial Dictionary.

Created OnJune 10, 2014, 7:53 AM