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Doubt - Reasonable Doubt

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TitleDoubt - Reasonable Doubt

The expression "Reasonable Doubt" is incapable of definition. Plain meaning of "Doubt" is uncertainty of mind, the absence of a settled opinion or conviction, the attitude towards acceptance of a belief in proposition, theory or statement. A definition often quoted or followed is that given by Chief Justice Shaw in Webster case which is hereunder: "It is not mere possible doubt, because everything relating, to human affairs and depending upon moral evidence is open to some possible or imaginary doubt. It is that state of case, which after the entire comparison and consideration of all the evidences leaves the mind of the jurors in that consideration that they cannot say, they feel and abiding conviction to a moral certainty of the truth of the charge."

(Muhibur Rahman Manik and another Vs. State, 2006, 35 CLC (HCD) [8256])  

Created OnJune 17, 2014, 3:12 AM